DGME [Dollar General Market Employee Portal]

DGME is an online employee portal for Dollar General employees that helps them get information such as view paystubs, leaves, absence, payroll benefits, reports, work-timing, schedules, and many more updates daily.


Dollar General, a chain of a variety of stores in the United States, has more than 157,000 employees working in over 17,000 stores across 46 states. To help its employees manage their work-related information and stay connected with the company, Dollar General has developed the DGME employee portal.

So, It’s not very easy to stay updated on the dollar general new guidelines and work-related information being an employee there.

So, Now you can make and login to the DGme employee online portal and access many types of information and data from your mobile, DGme App, and your computer as well with no time.

The DGME website provides access to a wide range of resources, including:

  • Payroll Information & W-2s
  • Benefits Information
  • Paystub information
  • Company News
  • Training & Education Resources
  • Performance Reviews
  • Time-Off Requests
  • Shift Scheduling

Moreover, the Dollar General Market Employee Portal helps to streamline employee communication and collaboration. Employees can stay up-to-date with company news, send messages to colleagues, and access training materials.

Portal Official NameDGME (Dollar General Market Employee)
Accessible ByDollar General Employees
Portal Type Employee Login
Mobile AppAvailable (Google Play Store, Apple Store)
Managed ByDollar General
Official Websitehttps://webapps.dolgen.net/dgme2/

DGME Login Requirements

  • A stable internet connection
  • A computer, laptop, or mobile device
  • Your Employee ID (issued by Dollar General)
  • Your password (initially set by you or assigned by your employer)

How To Login at DGME Employee Portal?

DGME Login
  • Open your web browser and go to the DGME Portal Login official website at https://webapps.dolgen.net/dgme2/.
  • It will redirect you to the DGME Homepage. Here, you will see the login tab. Click on that.
  • Enter your User ID (Legal first and last name), and Password in the required fields.
  • Click on the “Login” button.
  • If you have entered the correct information, you will be redirected to your DGME Portal Dashboard.

How To Reset Dollar General Login Password?

DGME Reset Password
  • Go to the DGME Online Login Portal at https://webapps.dolgen.net/dgme2/.
  • Click on the “Forgot Password” link.
  • It will take you to the reset password page.
  • Enter your Employee ID, First Name, Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, and Date of Birth.
  • Click on the “Submit Now” button.
  • Now, Enter a strong password and click on the “Submit” button.
  • Your new password will be activated, and you can now log in with the new credentials.

How To Register at DGme Online Portal?

DGme Portal Registration
  • Visit the official DGME Portal Login website.
  • Click the First Time User? – Register Now link.
  • Now You’ve to enter your Employee ID, Legal First Name, Last four digits of your SSN, and Date of Birth.
  • Click on the “Submit” button then.
  • After that, You will receive an email with a link to create a secure password.
  • Once you have created your password, you can log in to the Dollar General portal and access all of its resources.

DGME Benefits For Employees

  • Easy Access to Paystubs and W-2s
  • Access to Discounts & Employee Benefits
  • Ability to Manage Tax Information
  • Access to Employee News & Training Resources
  • Ability to Update Personal Information, Including Home Address, Phone Number, and Emergency Contacts
  • Easy Access to Vacation Requests and Scheduling Preferences
  • Ability to view 401K Balance & Making Contributions
  • Monitoring Performance Reviews & Pay Raises
  • Participating in Corporate Events & Outreach


Dollar General also provides an app for accessing their employee portal. The DGME app is available on both iOS and Android devices. By downloading the app, employees can access all of their resources from anywhere at any time.

DGME Paystub Portal

The DGME Paystub Portal is an online platform designed for employees of Dollar General Corporation. It provides a secure and convenient way for employees to access and manage their paystub information.

Through the portal, employees can view their paystubs, review details of their earnings, deductions, and taxes, and also update their personal information. The DGME Paystub Portal offers employees an easy and efficient method to stay informed about their pay and maintain accurate earnings records.

About Dollar General

Dollar General

Dollar General is a discount retail chain that offers customers various items at low prices. It was founded in 1939 and has grown to become one of the largest discount retailers in America.

The company operates over 15,000 stores across 44 U.S. states and is committed to offering customers quality products at affordable prices.

Dollar General offers a wide selection of food items, home supplies, health and beauty products, apparel, electronics, toys, and more. The company prides itself on its commitment to customer satisfaction, with excellent customer service and frequent sales.

Dollar General offers customers rewards, coupons, and online order options for convenience. With so many great products at great prices, Dollar General is the perfect place to shop for your home or even that special gift!

Useful External Resources

Dollar General Market Employee Login Portal – Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Dollar General to check stubs?

You can access your check stubs through the Dollar General Employee Portal. Once logged in, go to the “Pay” or “Payroll” section to view and print your check stubs.

How do I get my W2 from Dollar General?

You can access your W2s by logging into the DGME employee portal. Go to the “Tax” section and select “View W2” to view or print your W2 forms.

Does Dollar General use daily pay?

No, Dollar General does not offer daily pay. All employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis through direct deposit or physical check.

What is CBL in Dollar General?

CBL stands for Computer-Based Learning, which is a training program used by Dollar General to provide employees with job-specific training and education.

What is the employee discount at Dollar General?

Dollar General offers a 20% employee discount to its employees, which can be used in-store and online.

Does Dollar General provide uniforms?

Yes, Dollar General provides uniforms to its employees. The uniform consists of a navy blue polo shirt and khaki pants or shorts.

What holidays do Dollar General employees get paid for?

Dollar General provides paid holidays for certain recognized holidays, which may include New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Does Dollar General pay holiday pay for the 4th of July?

Dollar General typically provides paid holidays for the 4th of July, also known as Independence Day.

Do Dollar General employees get bonuses?

Dollar General may offer bonuses to its employees based on various factors, such as performance, length of service, and company-wide achievements.

How to check Dollar General work schedule?

Log in to the DGME portal or Dollar General mobile app to view your work schedule.

I Can’t login to DGME

Reset your password using the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the DGME login page, or contact IT support for assistance.

Who is Dollar General’s payroll provider?

Dollar General uses a proprietary payroll system. For specific details, contact their HR or Payroll department.

How to get Dollar General employee discount?

Employee discounts are automatically applied at checkout when using your Dollar General employee ID.

How can I get my Dollar General W2 online?

Access your W2 electronically through the DGme under the ‘Tax Forms’ section.

How do I change my direct deposit for Dollar General?

Update your direct deposit information through the DGME portal under the ‘Payroll’ section.

How to check my pay stub for Dollar General?

View and download your pay stubs from the DGme dashboard under the ‘Pay Stub’ section.

What is my Dollar General employee ID number?

Your employee ID number is provided upon hiring and can be found on your pay stub or ID badge.


DGME (Dollar General Market Employee) portal serves as a valuable resource for Dollar General employees, providing convenient access to essential features and information. From registering as a new employee to accessing paystubs, exploring benefits, and utilizing the DGME Legion app, employees can leverage this portal to enhance their work experience.

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