Dollar General Employee Benefits

Dollar General is a retail giant that has been operating since 1939. The company has over 17,000 stores in 46 states, making it one of the largest retailers in the United States. As an employer, Dollar General has a reputation for providing competitive employee benefits to its workforce. In this article, we will discuss the employee benefits provided by DGME and why they are important.


Health Insurance Benefits

Dollar General offers a comprehensive health insurance plan that covers medical, dental, and vision care expenses. The medical insurance plan includes coverage for preventive care, prescription drugs, and mental health services.

The dental insurance plan covers routine checkups, cleaning, and basic procedures like fillings and extractions. The vision insurance plan covers eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses. Employees can also enroll in a Health Savings Account (HSA) to save money on medical expenses with tax-free contributions.

Retirement Benefits

Dollar General provides various retirement benefits to its employees. The 401(k) plan allows employees to contribute a portion of their salary to a retirement account and receive matching contributions from Dollar General.

The pension plan is a traditional defined benefit plan that provides retirement income based on years of service and average earnings. The Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) allows employees to purchase company stock at a discounted price.

Paid Time Off Benefits

Dollar General provides its employees with paid time off benefits to ensure they can maintain a work-life balance.

  • The vacation and holiday pay allows employees to take time off for personal reasons or holidays without losing pay.
  • Sick leave allows employees to take time off when they are ill without losing pay.
  • Bereavement leave allows employees to take time off when they need to attend a funeral or grieve the loss of a loved one.
  • Jury duty leave allows employees to take time off when they are called for jury duty without losing pay.

Employee Portal Benefits

Dollar General has an online employee portal known as DGme that provides access to a range of benefits and resources. Through the portal, employees can view their pay stubs, check their work schedule, and request time off. They can also enroll in benefits programs, such as health insurance and 401(k) plans.

The employee portal also provides access to a range of training and development resources, such as online courses and job aids. This can help employees develop new skills and advance their careers within the company.

Other Benefits

Dollar General provides additional employee benefits to ensure the well-being of its workforce. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers confidential counseling and support services to employees and their families for personal or work-related issues.

Employee discounts allow employees to purchase products at a discounted price. Tuition reimbursement allows employees to receive financial assistance for continuing education.


Does Dollar General offer benefits to their employees?

Yes, Dollar General offers a range of benefits to its employees, including health insurance, retirement benefits, and paid time off.

Do Dollar General employees get insurance?

Yes, Dollar General offers health insurance to its employees, as well as other types of insurance, such as life insurance and disability insurance.

What are the paid holidays for Dollar General?

Dollar General offers paid time off for a range of holidays, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day. The specific holidays may vary depending on your location and job position.

What 401k does Dollar General use?

Dollar General offers a 401(k) plan to its employees. The plan is managed by Fidelity Investments.

What is the employee discount at Dollar General?

Dollar General offers a 20% employee discount on regularly priced merchandise. Additionally, employees can receive discounts on cell phone plans, rental cars, and other products and services through the company’s discount program.